Thursday, May 10, 2012

Currently I am playing football manager 2012. A game i consider to be the best sports sim out there.

There are quite a few fantastic blogs on fm where folks describe tactics, stories etc. but very few if anything on effective squad management and effective finances.

Quote from fm managerial tactics bible TTF ".. A manager is generally successful due to a combination of four things: good tactical management; good man-management; good transfer policy; availability of and good management of funds..."

I have been playing fm 2012 for less than a year but I have been very successful simply by using good squad and finance management which are two of the four key items from the TTF. I am actually quite poor at tactics and training etc. so I just use the tactics from Raikan who i think is a tactical genius and dunc's or raver's training.

I plan to do a story on relegation threatened side and bring it to the top by effective squad management. So which premier relegation threatened side should I manage for this story ?

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